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The annual EuroCloud Austria Awards ceremony


In the photo: The award for the Ministry of the Environment. From left to right: Tobias Höllwarth (EuroCloud), Robert Kindermann (Environment Agency Austria), Charlotte Kislinger (Environment Agency Austria), Franz Mochty (Ministry of the Environment), Christian Michler (Ministry of the Environment), Andreas Aschauer (Ministry of the Environment), Peter Ploiner (EuroCloud)

All Awards winners are listed here: 

There is a short video of the event available online:


The EuroCloud Awards recognize digital services from Europe and around the world based on underlying cloud computing technology. Inclusiveness is a central attribute of the EuroCloud Awards, which therefore accept entries:

  • from around the world without any geographical restraint;
  • from all types of business services: consulting, data center, cloud brokerage, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS; 
  • from all types of emerging technologies: IoT, AI, VR, blockchain , 3D printing, drones;